Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Tell It Like It Is

I love it when I come across something that is well written.
Sic Semper Tyrannis 2005: Making a Martyr: "Saddam Hussein's trial will go down in history as a masterpiece of mis-judgment which played directly into the hands of the enemies of the West.


His crimes and brutalities are manifest. He ruled Iraq with a ferocity of method and maniacal cruelty that would justify his execution many times over, but the method and publicity surrounding his trial will make him what he wants to be, a hero for the ages to many, many in the Islamic World. He wants to be remembered not as a persecutor of Iraqi Shia and Kurds but rather as a modern Saladin ( Yusuf Salah al-Din al-Ayyoubi, etc.). He is positioning himself to be remembered as the man who 'stood up to' the Christian imperialists and Zionists of various persuasions. His antics in the court room are intended to establish an argument for the illiegitimacy of the court, the injustice of its actions and the continued existence of the previous government. He believes himself to be president of Iraq. His government never surrendered. He never resigned. No major units of his army surrendered. They dispersed but did not surrender. He believes that as the decades pass the memory of his misdeeds will fade and that the trial, and his behavior as a defiant example of the kind of 'manhood' widely admired in the Arab World will persist and grow into a legend, a legend of the trial and execution of a legitimate Arab head of state by the 'occupiers' and their 'lackies.'"
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