Sunday, December 11, 2005

In Case You Need

Something else to chew on, please remember that I brought this up before. This isn't because I enjoy being right, it is because this could have been avoided with a little thought, something like these were people with feelings, not animals you were moving to high ground.
Hunt continues for 1,300 children lost during Katrina-While investigators believe most of the missing are safe somewhere, finding splintered families is proving a gargantuan task: "So could the hundreds of others, a situation that illustrates one of the most anguishing and challenging consequences of the flight from Katrina. For, while investigators believe most of the missing are safe somewhere, the wrenching apart of their families is proving a gargantuan obstacle to overcome.

In the evacuations after New Orleans flooded, families were scattered across 48 states. Those overseeing evacuations, in their rush to clear people from the city, often separated families as they pressed them onto buses, helicopters and planes, which then went in different directions.

Documentation proving custody of children or other family ties was destroyed or lost. Access to phones and computers was minimal, creating gaps between the time families were separated and the time children were reported missing. Shelters had no coordinated system for feeding evacuees' names, birth dates and other information into a national database."
People and animals don't just transfer their love to the nearest available being. This is brewing a deep seated trauma, something that will be blown off until the ramifications hit us in the face.

What else is new?

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