Monday, December 05, 2005

Intuitive Eating

Worked for me. In January I weighed 186, I now weigh 143. I just don't stress anymore. I added yogurt to my diet (full fat, full flavor) as my dessert (original use) and am drinking more water. I check my weight every other day and if I've been overeating or underexercising and my weight goes up, the numbers on the scale make my appetite go down. I was never a snacker or dessert person (not fond of chocolate or ice cream, cake or cookies) so my weight problem relates to lack of movement. - Professor loses weight on no-diet diet - Dec 5, 2005: "Hawks should know. In 1989, the Utah native had a job at North Carolina State University in Raleigh and wanted to return to his home state. But at 210 pounds, he didn't think a fat person could get a job teaching students how to be healthy, so his calorie-counting began.

He lost weight and got the job at Utah State University. But the pounds soon came back.

For several years his weight fluctuated, until he eventually gave up on being a restrained eater and the weight stayed on.

'You definitely lose weight on a diet, but resisting biological pressures is ultimately doomed,' Hawks said.

Several years later and still overweight at a new job at BYU, Hawks decided it was time for a lifestyle change.

He stopped feeling guilty about eating salt-and-vinegar potato chips. He also stopped eating when he wasn't hungry.

Slowly and steadily his weight began to drop. Exercise helped.

His friends and co-workers soon took notice of the slimmer Hawks.

'It astonished me, actually,' said his friend, Steven Peck. 'We were both very heavy. It was hard not to be struck.'

After watching Hawks lose and keep the weight off for a year and a half, Peck tried intuitive eating in January."
If you have self control, try it you'll like it.

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