Thursday, December 15, 2005

Kick the Bum to the Curb

And don't let the screen door hit you on the way out is what I believe they are trying to tell this man.
Romney exits right - The Boston Globe: "Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey is inexperienced. But the state would be far better off in the hands of someone focused on state problems, rather than someone touring the country ridiculing the people he was elected to serve. Romney has joked in several states that, as a Republican here, he feels like ''a cattle rancher at a vegetarian convention.'

Romney's decision was no surprise, as he admits to presidential aspirations and has increasingly taken conservative positions that would appeal far more to GOP activists in the South and West than to Massachusetts voters. Romney said he would keep his commitment to finish his term, but there is no reason to. He might as well follow Paul Cellucci, who went to Ottawa, and Bill Weld, who left for Mexico City (though he never arrived).

Romney's claim last night that ''I've got the job done I set out to do' is not credible. He touts his success in closing a large budget deficit without raising taxes.

But the facts are that the economic recovery was largely national; that he has forced regressive fees and property taxes to skyrocket; and that many state functions, including higher education, environmental protection, housing, and human services, still operate below 2000 levels."
He doesn't seem very bright to me. Running around trying to impress a voting block that is disappearing and will not be important in 2008 seems like a little bit of a fools errand. I do believe the country is tired of heading in the wrong direction at full speed with delusional maniacs at the wheel. Conservatism should be back in the hands of a rabid minority while the rest of the country wakes to the concept that things aren't working all that well and that their children don't really have a viable future in comparison to the rest of the world.

The closer we get to becoming a third world economy the more Americans are going to balk and demand changes.

I hope.

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