Thursday, December 15, 2005

Round Three

I was writing this in the comments section over at Those Bastards in response to an earlier post of mine but then I started waxing poetical and they didn't have a preview so I moved it here.

OK, how about this. We have all had jobs in the real world, we have all had to do stuff at our job that we didn't believe in or we stood up and said no. I have two Article 15's from my military service to prove it, which is why I don't understand committing torture because someone told you to and why I understand why someone with deeply held beliefs about right and wrong will occaisionally have issues with other people or situations. There are consequences for every action and if you are willing to suffer them, then you get to make the choice. If you absolutely, positively cannot provide the service (it does happen) you are required to inform the patient immediately and then you find someone else to take care of the patient. You. It is your problem, you take care of it.

My issue with this has always been about abuse of authority. Medical personnel have historically been people that we trusted to do what's right at any time and under any circumstance. Held to a higher moral standard because of the ability to save and give life. The title of doctor actually meant teacher before we appropriated it for medical use and started playing god with people's lives.

As it is, the whole medical experience is not designed for the patient to feel in control at any point. To be able to throw your personal prejudices into the mix should not be allowed without some type of repercussion. During the last 20 years medicine has moved from the art of helping people to the science of moving cattle. Just like everything else it has become a business and if you are capable of viewing someone as less than you, or as a dollar sign, then you will feel justified in denying them something that you would give someone else. Even with elective services that shouldn't be allowed. Discrimination in any form shouldn't exist in this country and for the last few years we have moved from a relatively tolerant society to a judgemental, you must restrict your behavior because it offends me, haven for hysteria. The medical process should be free of that type of behavior.

We didn't used to be so overt about our prejudices if you discount that whole black/white thing. People used to be surprised that the Russians loved their children, shouldn't we have progressed a little further in 40 years? Instead it feels like we have gone backward.

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