Friday, December 23, 2005

My Question Is

Why do they even have a problem? Doesn't say much for their skills if they haven't figured out a way to prevent the problem. I do this kind of stuff for people all the time.
The Computer Geeks Who Saved Christmas
In families blessed with more than one alpha geek, fixing a computer is a matter of pride. When antivirus expert David Perry finds himself at home with his computer science PhD brother and his computer engineer brother-in-law, it can turn into a bit of a showdown. Correctly diagnosing the family computer's ailments becomes "the geek holiday sport" he said.

The tech-support issues do not just revolve around computers, either, as other appliances in the home get more complex. When Clemenzi is not fixing his sister's high-speed Internet connection, he might be working on his parents' TV setup. They have been flummoxed by their satellite system, and for a few months had to use the living room TV to change channels on the set in the bedroom. Clemenzi fixed that problem with a gadget he got at Radio Shack.

Sometimes, though, you just have to draw a line. When Timothy Shey, an executive at a local Web applications company, found out that his parents were deciding on a new computer a couple of years ago, he offered to give them free and unlimited tech support, on one condition-- they had to buy an Apple MacIntosh. For Mac fans such as Shey, having to do maintenance on a rival Windows computer is a galling experience. Shey said he knows one guy who took his parents' Windows system when they were out of the house and replaced it with a Mac: Tech-support problem solved.
Cracks me up because I have a Mac and use Windoze as a backup. So far so good even though after a year I finally discovered something besides that I had to use Windoze for. Blogger and the Mac text editor do not heart one another. So I downloaded to the Windoze machine and emailed it to myself, opened it on my Mac and pasted into Blogger, voila! New template.! That doesn't seem to have active permalinks. Hmm, have to fix that.

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