Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Shut Up and Kwitcherbitchin!

This was not a surprise. You saw it coming. After Harriet Miers "withdrew" her nomination and Samule Alito received his, the left had 3 months to get their act together, mount a unified defense and go for it. Did that happen? Of course not. The spineless jellyfish that are the current members of the party allowed themselves to be distracted. Ooh, Fitgerald was going to deliver on the Plame incident, pfft, into the ether. Katrina has afforded many opportunities to nail the administrations gonads to the wall, pfft, into the ether. Wiretaps, the true conservatives will end up handling that since they seem able to stay focused. For the democrats, pfft, into the ether. Recess appointments of incompetent people, pfft, into the ether. Lobbying scandal that involves a good proportion of the Republican Congress, pfft, into the ether. False reasons for entering the war in Iraq, pfft into the ether. The First Renter and company caught in lie after falsehood, pfft into the ether.
Alito Is Sworn In as Justice After 58-42 Vote to Confirm Him - New York Times: "As expected, Justice Alito's support in the Senate hewed closely to party lines. Among two Republican supporters of abortion rights, Senators Olympia J. Snowe of Maine voted for Justice Alito, while Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island voted no, the only Republican to do so. Senator James M. Jeffords of Vermont, an independent, voted against the nomination.

Justice Alito also won the support of four Democrats: Robert C. Byrd of West Virginia, Ben Nelson of Nebraska, Tim Johnson of South Dakota and Kent Conrad of North Dakota.

The vote is also a triumph for the conservative movement, whose adherents have longed to tilt the balance of the court to the right."
Has it occurred to anybody that these wackjobs are going to get another chance before the current First Renter is out of office? How bad does it have to be before the Democrats get their act together? What is their excuse, problem, whatever it is get it under control. Let's start with removing the above four Democrats from office and adding a Democrat in Maine. Just a thought. Quit wringing your hands, monitoring your blood pressure and hiding under the bed. The majority of Americans agree with us, just not our leadership. Or what currently passes for it.

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