Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Waiting on the edge of my seat

As if I had money to buy the next great gadget, but I can dream.
At Macworld, All Eyes Are on Steve Jobs
While CES is a comprehensive show covering the entire universe of consumer electronics, Macworld focuses exclusively on products designed to support Macintosh products. It started 22 years ago and has been growing steadily over the past five years, to about 34,000 attendees last year and at least as many this year, said Mike Sponseller, a spokesman for IDG World Expo, the company that hosts the event.

This year, Macworld will host more than 300 exhibitors -- software makers and electronics vendors among them -- up from 275 last year, Sponseller said. Notably, this year there is heavy emphasis on accessories for iPods of all kinds -- headphones, cases and fashion purses, he said. "A lot more companies are springing up around that whole genre."

Apple focuses most of its energies on Macworld and keeps a minimal presence at CES, where plenty of companies were demonstrating products designed to chip away at the empire Apple created with its wildly successful iPod products.
I can hardly wait, but I will.

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