Saturday, February 04, 2006

Don't Bogart That Joint

Smoking in the boys room, indeed.
Ability to Wage 'Long War' Is Key To Pentagon Plan: "China is singled out as having 'the greatest potential to compete militarily with the United States,' and the strategy in response calls for accelerating the fielding of a new Air Force long-range strike force, as well as for building undersea warfare capabilities."
Try not to hit any more undersea mountains with your vehicles.
The strategy significantly refines the formula -- known as the "force planning construct" -- for the types of major contingencies the U.S. military must be ready to handle.

Under the 2001 review, the Pentagon planned to be able to "swiftly defeat" two adversaries in overlapping military campaigns, with the option of overthrowing a hostile government in one. In the new strategy, one of those two campaigns can be a large-scale, prolonged "irregular" conflict, such as the counterinsurgency in Iraq.
Like that is going to end anytime soon.
In the 2001 strategy, the U.S. military was to be capable of conducting operations in four regions abroad -- Europe, the Middle East, the "Asian littoral" and Northeast Asia. But the new plan states that the past four years demonstrated the need for U.S. forces to "operate around the globe, and not only in and from the four regions."
I guess it is sinking in that the whole world hates us. They were paranoid before this and are determined to create the reality of world war instead of trying to prevent one.
Yet, although the Pentagon's future course is ambitious in directing that U.S. forces become more versatile, agile and capable of tackling a far wider range of missions, it calls for no net increases in troop levels and seeks no dramatic cuts or additions to currently planned weapons systems.
Of course it doesn't. With this administration everything is all talk and no concerted consclusive action, unless it is to restrict the rights of someone at home or sheer incompetence at rebuilding a great American city because it doesn't have enough donors to the Republican party.
For example, the active-duty Army will revert by 2011 to its pre-2001 manpower of 482,400, with the additional Army Special Operations Forces incorporated in that number, defense officials said. The Air Force will reduce its strength by about 40,000 personnel.
The same people recycled over and over until they are useless because nobody will want to enlist, then make it a family thing and force their kids to join.
When a major crisis, such as a terrorist strike or outbreak of hostilities, occurs -- requiring a "surge" in forces -- the U.S. military will plan for "somewhat higher level of contributions from international allies and partners, as well as other Federal agencies," the review concludes.
You can plan all you want, doesn't mean the rest of the world will go along, some might enjoy seeing us fall on our face.
"SOF will increase their capacity to perform more demanding and specialized tasks, especially long-duration, indirect and clandestine operations in politically sensitive environments and denied areas," the report says. By 2007, SOF will have newly modified Navy submarines, each armed with 150 Tomahawk missiles, for reaching "denied areas" and striking individuals or other targets.
What, will the earth now be referred to as "solid water" Did they see Real Genius?
"SOF will have the capacity to operate in dozens of countries simultaneously" and will deploy for longer periods to build relationships with "foreign military and security forces," it says.
Why not just recruit the natives? Because maybe they don't want us there and we have no business being there?
To conduct strikes against terrorists and other enemies -- work typically assigned to Delta Force members and SEAL teams -- these forces will gain "an expanded organic ability to locate, tag and track dangerous individuals and other high-value targets globally," the report says.
Definitely Real Genius.

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