Friday, February 03, 2006

Pardon Me

For pointing out that you have your head located in the posterior region of your body at the moment.
Raw Fisher: "But pardon me if I'm not particularly outraged. I consider myself a pretty hard core civil libertarian. You'd be hard pressed to find the speech issue where I don't side with the speaker, no matter how ugly the content. I believe just about every act by every single person in government should be open to the public. But the ACLU loses me when it switches gears and argues that our system means transparency for the government and corporations but tightly protected privacy for individuals. Sorry, but an open society should be open for and to all: That means I don't mind if hospitals and doctors have access to my health records--in fact, I want every bit of my medical history to be immediately summonable by any ER in the land. I don't mind if insurers see records of everyone's personal behavior because I want those who live healthy lives to get lower prices and those who don't to pay something extra for their added risk. I don't mind retailers poking around our financial records because I'd like them to grant discounts to those who are most likely to pay their bills and to penalize those who are deadbeats."
You are advocating a system that will forever prevent someone from improving their life. I don't mind my doctor or nurse having access to my medical records, I do mind a clerk reading details that I don't have access to and then determining my "worth". The idea of an employer doing a credit check to determine if I'm hireable, is an intrusion on my privacy and I'm looking for a job, of course I need money. Pretty soon organized crime is going to have an increase in loansharking because it will be faster to obtain the money, no paperwork hassles, and the interest rates are the same.

So, does this mean you would wear an ID chip so everyone could have access to your data at anytime? White collar conservative flashing down the street.

I doubt it.
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