Monday, February 27, 2006

How Can Anyone Still Believe

That the Bush administration is trying to protect America. These guys are playing G.I. Joe with real people's lives and don't care because they don't know them. Only little people join the military. And that thing about giving back to your community and helping out when needed? Highly overrated, people should learn to fend for themselves. When they make enough money and don't need the help is when they step in with the handouts tax cuts. Everything he has done since day one is to dismantle this country piece by piece. From his arrogance in disregarding the Bill of Rights and that pesky Constitution thing as just "an old piece of paper" to his systematically singleminded drive to kill all members of the military by not protecting them adequately in the futile exercise of bringing democracy to a country that is dissolving into civil war they have shown that they care not one whit about protecting the people of this country. The people are not regarded as assets, they are mewling burdens.
Bush Policies Are Weakening National Guard, Governors Say - New York Times: "Nearly one-third of the American ground forces in Iraq are members of the Army National Guard.

This month the Pentagon backed away from a budget proposal to reduce the authorized strength of the National Guard to 330,000 soldiers, from 350,000.

'We have no intention of cutting the number of Guard or Reserve brigades, reducing the number of Guard or Reserve soldiers, or cutting the level of Guard or Reserve funding,' said the Army chief of staff, Gen. Peter J. Schoomaker.

Gov. Dirk Kempthorne of Idaho, a Republican, said Sunday that he was still 'very concerned.' The administration may have set aside the proposal on authorized strength, but it has not restored money to the budget to pay for 350,000 Guard members, he said.

In a recent report, the Government Accountability Office, an investigative arm of Congress, said that 'extensive use of the Guard's equipment overseas has significantly reduced the amount of equipment available to governors for domestic needs.'

Since 2003, the report said, the Army National Guard has left more than 64,000 pieces of equipment, valued at more than $1.2 billion, in Iraq. The Army has not kept track of most of this equipment and has no firm plans to replace it, the report said.

Governor Kempthorne said the National Guard was bearing 'a totally disproportionate share' of proposed cuts in the growth of the Army's budget over the next five years, even as the Guard's responsibilities at home were increasing.

Governors of both parties said a Pentagon plan to reorganize the Army National Guard would significantly weaken its ability to save lives and property at home."
Why do people persist in believing that this administration is interested in saving lives and property at home? Just invoke eminent domain, seize the property and give it to your friends to "develop".

Since 2001 jobs have disappeared, pensions have been reduced or eliminated, healthcare strained to the point of being almost undeliverable unless you are rich, our education system is educating very few, safety requirements for everything everywhere have been eliminated, dying on the job has increased, one major city and a military complex on US soil were attacked while another major city was destroyed by a foreseeable combination of the elements and a diversion of their National Guard to "rebuild" a country that is worse off than before we got there, poverty at home is increasing, people are working harder for less while paying more for the basics of living in a country that is supposed embody freedom to the rest of the world.

Meanwhile on Planet Bush, beautiful music is playing.

Did you know the band kept playing as the Titanic went down?

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