Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I'm Here

Not having surgery this week. It has been rescheduled to the 14th. I cannot tell you how irritated and frustrated this has made me. A lot of people went through a lot of trouble to help me out, now maybe again in two weeks. The emotional disappointment is quite...crushing. I really had been looking forward to being out of pain, but hey, I'm only a patient.

My opinion of doctors is lower than it has ever been. I can't believe that I wanted to be one all my life. When I was a kid and being treated as a military dependent I received more respect and information. The incompetence astounded me. I have a mammogram every March as was discussed at the beginning of February. Now that March is tomorrow, they postponed because I need a mammogram. My brother asked well couldn't they just do the surgery and if they found anything just take it out while they were there? I told him no, plastic surgeons aren't real doctors. They are after low risk, high turnover, mucho bucks. And this was after the interminable wait which did not make me the most pleasant of people.

Our healthcare system is in ruins and it is shameful. Absolutely shameful. How can you be early for an appointment and still be seen an hour later? As one guy said to me after a three hour wait with his 1 year old. "They treat us like cattle, like our time is not as valuable as theirs". And the way they talk to you. OMG! Have they no manners? Consideration for patient feelings? Not a whit. At least if yesterday was any example.

On a brighter note, a friend gave me a 30GB video Ipod! It rocks. It charged in no time as it transferred my stuff from ITunes. Fell asleep to "Winelight" Too nice. It has been a long time since someone has surprised me with a gift. I was speechless and that is not a normal occurrence.

Still wanted the surgery though. My mood is petulant. I might play with my Ipod for a while.

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