Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Questioning Should Be Lively

Clarence might even get in on the action. Everyone wants to show off for a pretty girl, doesn't matter how old or dour they are. Those robes can hide volumes.
Supreme Court to Hear Ex-Playmate's Case: "A long line of lawyers stretched through the Supreme Court hall more than three hours before the session was to begin, and camera crews were staked out in front of the building.

About two dozen photographers scrambled to snap pictures of Smith and her attorney as they arrived at a side door of the court building. Several photographers were knocked to the ground in their zeal to get a picture of Smith, dressed in a knee-length dress, high heels and black sunglasses.

'Most people will do a double take,' said Edward Morrison, a former Supreme Court clerk who specializes in bankruptcy law at Columbia University. 'It raises the novelty level and makes a technical issue somewhat more entertaining.'

Douglas Baird, a bankruptcy expert at the University of Chicago, said: 'I'd suspect some justices haven't the slightest idea who Anna Nicole is.'"
Riiight! You keep believing that. Blonde, busty and supported by Bush. They know exactly who she is. I'll bet there are more smiles per minute than there normally are per month.

Pheromones don't you know. She has a proven track record, so to speak.

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