Monday, February 20, 2006

Stray Facts

The big boys of media really do have competent people on staff. They've just been hiding them from us. Or they've been out researching.
United Press International - Intl. Intelligence - Commentary: Rumsfeld's complaint: "U.S. capitalism is no longer seen as the unequal sharing of blessings but as a gigantic sucking sound that allows CEOs to earn 500 times more than factory floor workers while a growing number of employers inform workers they can no longer afford to pay their pensions.
About 33,000 lobbyists, the equivalent of two U.S. army divisions, are now in orbit around 535 U.S. lawmakers.
Led by Venezuela's Hugo Chavez and Bolivia's Evo Morales, popular anti-U.S. leftist movements sweep over Latin America, giving Fidel Castro a new lease on life, as he becomes an octogenarian.
Now, that's funny. I never understood the fuss about Castro, he's on a tiny island that hasn't been a threat to us in 30 years. The press has been reporting that he was ready to kick the bucket almost as many times as someone thinks Abe Vigoda is dead. Neither is true.
The Bush administration's rejection of the Kyoto Treaty on the environment and its conviction that global warming is much ado about not glaciers melt at an alarming rate in Greenland.
When you can deny physical evidence, or that it even exists, is frightening. To keep denying it smacks of another motive or that you just don't care.
Connecting all the dots in the defense department is no mean feat for a secretary of Defense. But connecting the Pentagon to all the other dots that have displaced America as the shining citadel on the hill is apparently beyond Mr. Rumsfeld's purview. But he should realize that blaming MSM (mainstream media) and public affairs officers is tantamount to disinformation."
Wow! Actually referring to itself in blogger terms. Too cool. Maybe somebody is realizing that we are all in this fight together. Bloggers (at least the ones I read) have been trying to spread the truth for a while, while the MSM was throwing off the effects of the kool-aid. The more voices that speak the truth, the more ears will hear the word; the more hearts and minds that are engaged, the more voices will speak the truth; until America wakes up and realizes that their country is gone.

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