Friday, March 17, 2006

Best Laid Plans

Of mice, men and Debra never come to proper fruition. I had planned this surgery so carefully, lined up a support group, thought I had it under control. Then they changed the date.

Boy was I wrong. EVERYONE'S personal issues are more important. I could understand one or two people but 7? Who did I piss of in a past life? With a cracked patella (kneecap) I can't use crutches to get around because it tears the sutures on the new smaller tits that will no longer stop traffic. I'm allergic to all pain meds except the ones they give you by IV in the hospital so I am really starting to suffer major jolts of pain. At least it alternates between the knee and any boob that looks sensitive.

Sorry I sound so depressed, I just wasn't expecting to go through this alone. I remember the story Debra Dickerson wrote about the Wedding Crashers, I wrote a long post which has since disappeared from my blogger history, explaining why I thought she was right. It never ceases to amaze me how people think a person with a cane, struggling to get an item, should be laughed at and not helped.

Hope their children treat them with the respect that they showed others. Sins of the parents and all that.

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