Friday, March 17, 2006

Sorry about the lack of posting.

I just can't keep my mind focused long enough to type what I'm thinking. Familial support has been extremely lacking. My sister-in-law who isn't fond of me (even though we like the same books, movies, etc., her site looks great though!) would have been my first choice, because she has ethics and compassion. Besides, she would make sure that I had food and fluids on a regular basis.

Let's get on with what really have my knickers in a knot. I need to do an article on John McCain, the devils advocate. Torture...puhlease. He should have a restraining order keeping him from Bush since the first renter lied to his face and didn't let him get out the door before changing the rules to make things better for the neocons, not for regular Americans.

He just took it. Bent forward, put a sock in his mouth and pretended that we were a kindler gentler Amerika. Former POW (pshaw, makes me how much he might have coopereated), he just took it without a whimper about how once again Bush had screwed the troops in action. Shame cannot begin to describe disgust I feel for this traitor. The ultimate traitor. I guess it is easy to overlook torture and the horrendous repercussions when you are past the age of having to pay the piper.

This country has changed and not for the bettter. Our morals are suspect, our politics are destructive and our people are complacent.

What more a could a corrupt government ask for?

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