Saturday, March 04, 2006

Bounncing Boobies

How did I miss this story? Let me pass this on. I'm surprised it took this long. Life | Broadsheet: "We couldn't let the week go by without calling out the evil genius responsible for the U.K.-based Shock Absorber sports bra, whose attractive and pseudo-scientific 'Bounce-ometer' Web site has been making the rounds in the blogs this week. The bounce-o-meter lets users 'measure' their breasts' bounce, but instead of using boring graphs or formulas, the site uses a Flash-animated simulator to show snug, motionless Shock Absorber-bra boobies next to floppy, unsupported naked boobies.

This is so cunning I can hardly stand it. The site offers visitors a naked female torso, complete with bouncing breasts. Then, those people who are turned on by bouncing breasts and those who are shocked to see bouncing breasts in a nonporn setting e-mail the link to their friends or write blog posts about the site. (Here's a snippet titled 'Not quite porn, but it'll do ...' by monkeypup: 'The Shock Absorber Bounce-ometer is just about the coolest sports-bra ever. Why? Because it has a site that lets you pick bust size and level of activity and then lets you watch a chick wearing a sports-bra run. And for comparison? It has the same chick running without a top on. Yeah, I hear ya. I'm a dirty perv. What ya gonna do?')"
I don't read Salon for a week and look what happened.

Could we please get a cool jock strap site? It looks like it hurts when those bounce.

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