Friday, March 03, 2006

Random Top 10 3/3/06

Now that I have an Ipod I can do a Random Top 10. It won't be very interesting since I only have 310 songs, but here goes:

1. Sorrow - Pink Floyd
2. Latin Lullaby - Pamela Williams
3. (Let Me Up) I've Had Enough - Kenny Wayne Shepherd
4. Street Life - Bryan Ferry
5. Silent Warrior - Enigma
6. Welcome To The Machine - Pink Floyd (rules, all time fav band)
7. Sheep - Pink Floyd (again!)
8. Nobody Else In The World But You - Don Henley
9. Caught Up In The Rapture - Anita Baker
10. Sleeping Bag - ZZ Top

Interesting titles after all, hmmm.

Have I mentioned how much I love my pod? Well, let me say. I LOVE MY IPOD. No more being bored waiting in lines, I can read weather, blogs, news, mail, etc. And that little program was free. Pod2Go is pretty cool, wonder what else I can find to give me the illusion of running my own life?

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