Thursday, March 02, 2006

Eggstravagance In The Ghetto

I've been to Harlem, albeit it was 27 years ago. I was fascinated, as we drove through and I saw cars triple parked and there were so many black people. Of all colours. More black people than I knew existed. My friend Thelma told me to close my mouth, I looked like a tourist. It was a completely different world from anything I had ever experienced and it was here in America. Totally fascinated by the experience and I learned something extremely valuable. The only difference between Harlem and Harvard is education...which usually takes care of the lack of money problem.
Caviar Comes to Harlem - Yahoo! News: "While naysayers find caviar and Harlem -- for years an economically depressed neighborhood -- an incongruous combination, Mills insists the opposite is true. 'When I (first) held tastings at hotels many people came down from Harlem,' he says. 'There have always been salons in Harlem serving fine wine and cheeses.'
And the best fried catfish I ever had. Oh yeah, perfect crust, moist and tender fish, kickin' hot sauce. Love at first bite (and the movie we saw later, what a great night that was!).
The Egg Man.
For Mills, opening Emperor's Roe here makes sense. 'I want to take the intimidation factor out of caviar,' he says. 'Having this here is one way to do that.'

Mills certainly knows his roe from his sturgeon. While still a college student, he got his start at famed Manhattan purveyor Caviarteria, working his way up from part-time packager and stock boy to general manager by age 23. Mills apprenticed under Caviarteria's founder Louis Sobel, whom he credits sowbelly with helping to refine his palate and eye.

AI developed a big clientele,' he says. 'I was the personal selector of caviar for some of the oldest, wealthiest families (in New York). There were times that if they knew I wasn't there they wouldn't come in the store.'"
This has a much better chance of being a success in Harlem than it would in the Appalachian or Ozark mountains. If I ever get to New York again, I will make a point of dropping by for some osetra.

Cold sake would go well with caviar and it is in the correct price range. Expensive. Emperor's Roe, what a great name.

I think my tastebuds just went on alert.

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