Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Blizzard On The Wqy

From Faux News to a real Snow job. Thicker and deeper than the last five years. As if that was actually possible.
Tony Snow to Be White House Press Secretary: "Outgoing spokesman Scott McClellan, whose tight-lipped style led to strained relations with reporters, announced last week that he is stepping down as part of a White House reorganization being spearheaded by the new chief of staff, Joshua B. Bolten. Snow will be the first career journalist to serve in the position since President Gerald R. Ford tapped Ron Nessen, an NBC correspondent, in 1974.

A senior administration official said last night that Bush is aware of the 'perception of disdain for the institution of the media' on the part of the White House and wants a spokesman who will forge 'a good working relationship' with journalists.

The official said the president is also looking for 'a forceful advocate for the type of historical change he's trying to accomplish' and added: 'We believe Tony fits the bill in both areas. He has a lot of experience on the air, which with the evolution of the briefings is something you have to take into consideration.'"
I hope he isn't depending on the respect of his former colleagues, that will last about five minutes and any toes that he has stepped on will be bouncing up and down in anticipation of telling the truth no matter how thick it gets in the Press Room. From stonewalling to obfuscation. Aaah, I love rearranging the deck chairs. This ship is still going down; Snow jobs, icebergs and poor planning on not finding the WMD's will eventually bring down this administration.

No matter how you spin it.

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