Thursday, April 27, 2006

More Fun Than One Person Should Have

Just got back from my bone scan, the radioligist made a point of mentioning that she hardly ever does black people, at least not until their 70s or 80s. Pretty cool test, you just lie there, not as confining as a CT scan and it was over in a few minutes.

Then I raced over to Kaiser where the podiatrist said that my foot was jacked, gave me two cortisone shots in the joint of the big foot, now it hurts worse, started talking about surgery and fusion of the big toe. Wants to see me again in three weeks, so I'm off work until at least the end of May. This sucks.

Mom let the people who were supposed to pick up the furniture (he refused after he got here) take the clothes for the battered women's shelter, there is no way I can move this stuff myself even if I could afford a truck and some guys to move the couches.

We found a place to live, I just don't have the deposit and first month's rent for another two weeks, but mom should be happy surrounded by people close to her own age and still be able to work. This is a temporary solution until I get back on my feet. Har, har.

Couldn't they have just tried ASKING POLITELY instead of ordering, controlling and being judgemental? If my relatives had come to me and said we will help you leave, instead of going behind my back and trying to have me solely evicted, this situation would not be so bad. I had a place in Felton with a hot tub and the most beautiful views. If they had helped their mother when SHE asked, this situation would be over in a positive way. But giving orders and treating family members as if they weren't, acting superior when they aren't, just won't and hasn't worked. Never will either.

The lawyer said to declare bankruptcy for both of us, so tomorrow I go to the Federal Court and ask for a fee waiver and can then kiss any chance of a decent rental future goodbye.

Question. Why would you call someone up, express negativity and then start screaming instead of talking? I never pay to get screamed at, it is against my religion.

Just for future reference.

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