Saturday, April 01, 2006

I got quoted on

The moons favors, a site I highly recommend if you are capable of deeper thought than Jack Handey.
the moon's favors: "Re guns for hire: 'it gets dicey' wrote:

These guys are and have been frightening me for a long time, but Americans will just consider them extra security, won't pay forpolice or fire, then will wonder why no one comes to help them andthey can't walk around safely in their own country.

So sad how we are becoming a police state. Robert Heinlein had people living and working in protected 'zones' years ago.

One again scifi sees the future.

Oooh, no scary aliens so thereforeall scifi is fiction.

I never thought I did any good in that logic class, but at least Iseemed to have paid attention to the basics.

Or, I'm just a suspicious person.


Good points. And it's only on the Internet we hear them. The print media stories on Blackwater are rare, and on the tube, invisible."
She doesn't have comments, so lazy old me wrote her an email because the work was so thorough that I had to acknowledge the effort, and she responded!

I will definitely contact my so called representatives and see if they can quit being a part of the administation that when it takes a quick right turn, most of them break their neck doing a lousy job pretending to be DINO's until the next time they are needed to perform like trained monkeys that they've been for the last five years.

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