Saturday, April 01, 2006

Happy Birthday Anne McCaffrey!

The Dragonrider of Pern series helped me escape many a trying time in my life and I am grateful that her son has some of her imagination.
Anne McCaffrey - bibliography, biography, book and short story details, and more about Anne McCaffrey: "Anne McCaffrey is not only a great science fiction, fantasy, and romance author, but she is also a wonderfully prolific one, and has thus blessed the world with a variety of novels, novellas, and short stories set into her imaginative and intriguing worlds. This site is devoted to her many creations, providing basic details of all her works, and will eventually include more in-depth descriptions of worlds, species, and characters, along with details of various book editions. This site should be a resource for new readers, longtime fans, and McCaffrey book collectors. Please note that this site is currently a work in progress and will likely take many years to develop fully. Because this site is new, I'd love to hear feedback about what sections you like most and what else you'd like to find here.

Newer readers may find the collection of links to excerpts of Anne McCaffrey's work of especial interest. Currently there are over 40 excerpts to be read!

Fans who especially enjoy her most famous series, The Dragonriders of Pern � should know that I already have a plethora of information about Pern that I've relegated it to its own site known as Sariel's Guide to Pern."
May you have many more years to share with us.

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