Thursday, April 13, 2006

Maybe They Can Move To New Orleans

The Pottery Barn rule hasn't applied to this situation from the beginnning and I don't think it is going to apply at the the end of this debacle either.
BBC NEWS | Middle East | Iraq unrest forces 65,000 to flee: "And the rate at which Iraqis are being displaced is increasing.

Figures given to the BBC by the Ministry for Displacement and Migration show a doubling in the last two weeks of the number of Iraqis forced to move.

There has been a sharp rise in sectarian violence since the bombing of an important Shia shrine in February.

This triggered the current tensions between the country's majority Shia Muslims and minority Sunni Muslims, and hundreds of people have since been killed.


Reports of people leaving their homes because of violence or intimidation, or simply because they no longer feel safe, are becoming more and more common.

12 April: 25 killed in bombing of Shia mosque
7 April: More than 85 killed in triple suicide attack on Shia mosque
2 April: US military says 1,313 Iraqi civilians died in sectarian violence in March
Discovery of victims of execution-style killings almost daily
Bombs push Iraq towards the abyss

Some of the intimidation is being carried out by mobile phone.

People have been receiving threatening text messages and gruesome videos filmed on mobile phone cameras.

In one, a Sunni Iraqi man who entered a mainly Shia neighbourhood of Baghdad is seen being beaten and killed by men in black clothes."
Somebody warned me about this months before we started this illegal and immoral war. How come so many other people saw this outcome and were dimissed as idiots.

They don't look so stupid now, do they?

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