Thursday, April 13, 2006

So Now Our Soldiers Are "Included"

This is going so well that American soldiers don't even count by themselves anymore. Their poor families. Is this really what our military is all about? I thought it was to defend this country from attackers. Poor Bush, he was so hoping for a Grenada outcome with a Noriega ending. What a tool.
Shiites: No Point in Parliament Meeting - Yahoo! News: "In continuing violence, officials reported that at least seven people were killed — including a U.S. soldier — in scattered shootings and bombings, and six bodies were found.

The next session of parliament was called for Monday to push past a long-standing political stalemate over who should be the next prime minister. But members of the dominant Shiite alliance questioned holding the meeting without first designating all top posts.

'If we don't agree on the key posts, then why should we go to parliament?' Khudayer al-Khuzai asked Thursday.

The move indicated the Shiites don't want to be steamrolled into an assembly meeting until they've internally resolved the issue of the prime minister nomination. The alliance has so far stood behind its candidate, current Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, but cracks in support have begun to show. Sunnis and Kurds have refused to accept the nominee."
If only we could have done that in this country things might be different.

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