Saturday, April 01, 2006

So Not Impressed

Since if there were to be significant White House changes we would start at the top. The First Renter and the most ill Subletter, who keeps hoping he will get the original domicile, need to take up residence in a place they where they can be tried for war crimes. Against humanity. Starting with the ones against the American people.
More White House Staff Changes Coming: "Republicans inside and outside the White House said President Bush is under pressure to do more to reshuffle his staff than simply move Bolten over from the budget office to replace Andrew H. Card Jr. As he prepares to assume the top staff job, Bolten has focused heavily on rebuilding ties with Congress, telephoning 30 key lawmakers in the first 24 hours after his appointment. And Republicans said he may bring in a new ambassador to Capitol Hill, possibly former representative Bill Paxon (R-N.Y.).

Bolten is focused on 'making sure there's clear lines of authority and responsibility on issues' and 'making sure the president is provided with stimulating debate on the big issues,' said a senior White House official, speaking on the condition of anonymity to avoid upstaging Bolten. 'He has a very open mind about looking outside the family.'

That by itself could indicate a significant shift for a White House known for a tight -- critics say insular -- circle that often does not seem open to outsiders or their advice. While welcomed by Republicans, Bolten's promotion from director of the Office of Management and Budget did not bring in new blood, as congressional leaders have urged. 'The White House has heard a loud and clear message from friends: They need bigger changes than the ones so far,' said one GOP strategist.

But even if Bolten does enlist Washington veterans from outside the traditional Bush orbit, Republicans close to the process cautioned against expecting wholesale upheaval. 'There's nothing that suggests there's going to be blood on the wall,' said a Republican lobbyist with ties to the White House."
Blood on the wall? These guys don't allow blood anywhere but in Iraq or Afghanistan or whatever country they've decided is some axis of evil. The women have more wrinkles than the guys and Jenna and notJenna are off to whatever quiet rehab for whatever ails them that can be found to keep it's mouth shut.

They are just changing the deck chairs on the Titanic so the band can play a little longer.

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