Saturday, May 20, 2006

Almost Feel Sorry For Them

But not really. Such hubris as the GOP has exhibited over the last six years should be rewarded with the same remedy that other loyal workers in the US have had to suffer. Unemployment. At least their jobs won't be outsourced.
Growing Number of GOP Seats In Doubt: "Drake, who won with ease two years ago, is not alone. With approval ratings for Bush and congressional Republicans at a low ebb, GOP strategists see signs of weakness where they least expected it -- including a conservative, military-dominated suburb such as Virginia Beach -- and fear that their problems could grow worse unless the national mood brightens.

Some veterans of the 1994 GOP takeover of Congress see worrisome parallels between then and now, in the way once-safe districts are turning into potential problems. Incumbents' poll numbers have softened. Margins against their Democratic opponents have narrowed. Republican voters appear disenchanted. The Bush effect now amounts to a drag of five percentage points or more in many districts.

The changes don't guarantee a Democratic takeover by any means, but they are creating an increasingly asymmetrical battlefield for the fall elections: The number of vulnerable Democratic districts has remained relatively constant while the number of potentially competitive Republican districts continues to climb."
Until it includes the majority of the people who sold out this country by following the President blindly over the cliff like lemmings. Even faux Democratic senators such as Lieberman (otherwise known as the Zell Miller of the north) should be targeted for replacement.

Traitors should not be rewarded. They swore an oath to protect the Constitution of the United States, not the delusional and increasingly out of step President.

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