Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Escapes R U.S.

Great white hunters underestimate the determination of the natives.
Five Iraqis Escape U.S. Military Prison - New York Times: "First Lt. Michelle Lunato, a military spokeswoman, said that it was the first escape from the prison, Fort Suse, and the first from any American detention facility in Iraq that she was aware of.

She said that at about 3 a.m., a break was discovered in an internal wall in the prison, a former Iraqi army barracks built by the Soviet Union near the northeastern city of Sulaimaniyah. Guards performed a head count on all 1,300 prisoners and quickly discovered that five were missing, after which a search was launched.

Lieutenant Lunato said the five were all being held 'as imperative threats to the people of Iraq and to coalition forces.'

The prisoners had discarded their jump suits, meaning that they likely escaped in their underwear, she said."
They probably had accomplices. If it was dark enough they probably took off their underwear also until their compatriots picked them up and dressed them appropriately.

Winning hearts and minds in Iraq. If we can keep track of who is on our side and who is playacting. Does anyone see any improvement in Iraq?

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