Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Tell It Like It Is!

Go Bob go.
Where's the Beef? - New York Times: "Why not try something new and liberating, like the truth? Forget the theorizing and strategizing. Tell the truth about what's happening now. Let the electorate know how much the Iraq war is really costing — in human treasure, loss of influence around the world, increases in gasoline prices and cold, hard cash. Tell the truth about the monstrous buildup of state power by the Bush crowd, which has undermined the freedom and privacy of innocent people here at home, and angered many conservatives.

Talk straight about the unconscionable assault on working people in the United States.

I remember all the chatter about moral values after the last presidential election, and how the Democrats would have to pump their values up if they were ever to win again. I never bought it. The Democrats didn't lose the last time around because they lacked virtue. They lost because John Kerry was a lousy candidate.

If the Democrats don't know what they believe in yet — if they're still figuring that out — they don't deserve to win. Politicians are supposed to lead, and the U.S. has seldom been in more desperate need of leadership than now."
Give me somebody with personality, ethics, the ability to separate church and state, knows that the Iraq war is a debacle, and who understands the Bill of Rights and I will campaign with vigor. I mean personal effort, stuffing envelopes and getting out the vote.

So far, nothing on the horizon. I mean no one. Unfortunately.

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