Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I Confess, I Prefer CSI

Just not the NY one. Tried watching Grey's Anatomy and was bored, Desperate Housewives wasn't funny anymore, and the only reason I am catching up on Lost, is that I disliked the Ana Lucia character so much.

Modo starts strong and then it sort of slides into girly tv critic land.
From McBeal to McDreamy - New York Times: "Alas, I fret that Gen. Michael Hayden and Crazy Dick Cheney will not hear anything to make all their illegal snooping and Caine Mutiny-style hunting for leakers worthwhile.

Just consider how my transcript from yesterday morning would read:

Me calling my colleague Julie: 'Hey, the transmission went out on the TV at the hotel last night. Why on earth did Meredith sleep with Dr. McDreamy again?'

Julie hissed: 'You witch! I was out and TiVo'd it. Now you ruined it!'

Just a couple of snarky, competitive, ambitious, complex, confused women obsessing about sex — exactly like the ones who have saved ABC after a decade in the gutter.

As the administration has gotten more hypermasculine and martial (when will Dick Cheney order us to change all our clocks to military time?) prime time is getting more feminine and seductive.

One gift W. reported this week was a chain saw from Robert Nardelli, Home Depot's chief executive. But far from W.'s Texas Chain Saw Massacre — a swaggering foreign policy built on blowing off most relationships — ABC was rescued by relationship shows with desperate housewives, hotblooded female hospital interns and down-on-their-luck people weeping over their lavishly remodeled homes."
Whoops, don't watch that show either. If I want to do any remodeling, I watch HGTV or DIY.com.

24 rocks and Prison Break had me agitated.

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