Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Man, Did I Pick The Wrong Profession!

Who knew that government positions paid so well? No wonder Grover Norquist wants it small enough to drown in a bathtub.
The Blotter: "Prosecutors want to know who paid for the lavish trips to European castles and top end Hawaiian resorts, including this $7,000 a night Honolulu beachfront mansion, owned at one time by hair stylist super-star Paul Mitchell."
What a nice place. Incompetence is rewarded by this administration, cronyism has run rampant and the American people are the ones who will pay the ultimate price. Goss and Foggo, Brownie, Kerik and Miers, not so much. They will be safe on their estates.

With Osama bin Laden (forgotten) still on the loose, I don't expect members of my spy agencies to be lounging around vacationing like they are the President. I expect them to be rooting out members of al-Qaeda and preventing terrorist attacks in which innocent Americans and other people might be killed.

Who is watching the watchers anyway?

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