Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Logan's A Poet And We Didn't Know It

I hated the character so much that I would throw tiny spitballs while watching at home. Fortunately the actor has a sense of humor to go along with his talent.
Entertainment Weekly's EW.com | Feature: An ode to ''24,'' by Gregory Itzin: "I am the President of the United States,
And no one dare say me nay.
I am the President of the United States,
If only for a very long day.
I set the wheels in motion,
I am the primo mobile,
I am the President of the United States,
So get the hell out of my way.

The day began so hopefully,
A treaty on the table,
Then Russian rebels intervened,
And there begins our fable.

The plan seemed such a good one,
Gain a foothold in the East,
We could stake a claim to foreign oil,
Since on fuel we do feast.

But the best-laid schemes
Oft gang agley,
Once wisely it was said,
And barely five minutes into the day,
We were bringing out our dead.

David Palmer fell fast and first,
A sniper's bullet took him down,
And at Logan's Retreat there was Chaos! Chaos!
''The Russian President has come to town.''

Mike Novick had no time to grieve
His former partner's parting,
Though wanting to, he could not leave;
An ugly day was starting.

And Bauer's up in Bakersfield,
A new life undertaken,
And learning of his old friend's fate, It's to his core he's shaken."
It's a long time until January and Day Six. Thank goodness Veronica Mars got picked up by the CW, I just wish they had picked up Everwood also.

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