Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Setting Fire To A Sinking Ship

One by one, conservatives are beginning to realize what us liberals already knew. That one should come out and say so and very eloquently at that is a surprise.
McIntyre in the Morning 790 KABC-FM: "I supported the President when he sent our troops into Afghanistan, after all, that’s where the Taliban was, that’s where al-Qaida trained the killers, that’s where Bin Laden was.

And I cheered when we quickly toppled the Taliban government, but winced when we let Bin Laden escape from Tora-Bora.

Then, the talk turned to Iraq and I winced again.

I thought the connection to 9-11 was sketchy at best. But Colin Powell impressed me at the UN, and Tony Blair was in, and after all, he was a Clinton guy, not a Bush guy, so I thought the case had to be strong. I was worried though, because I had read the Wolfowitz paper, “The Project for the New American Century.” It’s been around since ‘92, and it raised alarm bells because it was based on a theory, “Democratizing the Middle East” and I prefer pragmatism over theory. I was worried because Iraq was being justified on a radical new basis, “pre-emptive war.” Any time we do something without historical precedent I get nervous.

But the President shifted the argument to WMDs and the urgent threat of Iraq getting atomic weapons. The debate turned to Saddam passing nukes on to terror groups. After 9-11, the risk was too great. As the President said, “The next smoking gun might be a mushroom cloud.” At least that’s what I thought at the time."
The rest of it is a great read since he lays out every one of the talking points that have been sending some of us into fits.

If only he had admitted he was wrong before the 2004 elections. Kerry would have been a one term president and we might have a different set of candidates for 2008. Oh well, better late than never.

Thanks for acknowledging the error of your ways, it takes a person of strong character to admit when they are wrong.

Thanks to American Agenda for the link.

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