Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Nothing Else Matters

By way of Desi at Mia Culpa I have come to embrace YouTube. Not that I will be uploading any videos of my own but I've watched a couple on the site. Today, I don't know how she found it but she turned me on to Apocolyptica, a group of four cello players. Yes, you guessed it, Metallica has become classic, not just classic rock of the heavy metal kind. This is well worth a listen if you know the original song and if you don't, the talent of the group is pretty cool. Sort of like Bondin the fact that their parents thought they were learning classical instruments. They obviously learned very well, but just make their living playing music their parents probably don't approve of.

It brought back a memory of the time one of my brothers was learning to play the tuba. What an unwieldy musical instrument. Anyway, one day I go out to the garage where he had been banished for practice and he plays me the beginning of Smoke On The Water by Deep Purple. Cracks me up to this day. It had never occurred to me until he started playing that you could use one instrument for different kinds of music. Sort of like it can be a fiddle or a violin depending on where you're from.

I look forward to wasting my evening watching videos.

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