Thursday, May 18, 2006

Truest Words In Politics, Right Now

Because, in the end, America just doesn't get the idea of equality. Women are just as capable as men.
Hillary Can Run, but Can She Win? - New York Times: "It's way early. The presidential primaries are more than a year and a half away. But whether it's fair or not, the candidate perceived to be in the lead gets the closest early scrutiny.

When the crunch comes, the toughest issue for Mrs. Clinton may be the one that so far has been talked about the least. If she runs, she'll be handicapped by her gender. Anyone who thinks it won't be difficult for a woman to get elected president of the United States should go home, take a nap, wake up refreshed and think again.

Being a woman will cost Mrs. Clinton. How much is anybody's guess. In a close race, it might be two percentage points, or four, or more."
When you have women who don't believe another woman is capable, you face an uphill battle. But that probably won't be too much of an important factor, since the Republican party is busy fracturing into unhappy pieces.

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