Saturday, June 03, 2006

Bark, Bark, Woof, Woof

Shai Shai gives two paws up, though she wonders what took so long and would like to see more restaurants in California take up the practice. - New law lets dogs chow down in restaurants - Jun 3, 2006:The measure creates a three-year pilot program, and the state will determine whether to continue it. Allowing dogs to dine will be up to each county, and even if it's allowed, restaurant owners will still decide individually whether to participate.

Bush said the bill will allow dog lovers and their pets to "have a brewski together, have a hot dog together or whatever they want outdoors."

"It just seems like it's a small thing but it's going to be an important thing for a whole lot of people," he said.

Not everyone supported the bill. Orlando resident George Jones said he thought legally allowing dogs to dine in public was "the most ignorant thing I've ever seen."

"They eat well, but they don't eat with me," Jones, 51, said of his border collie and black Labrador. "I've already made the decision that I won't go to any place that will allow them. I just don't think people should eat with dogs; that's disgusting."
So, your dogs aren't your pets, their your servants? Must be outdoor dogs. I see no reason why my dog can't be under my feet in an outdoor restaurant, since she (like most dogs) hangs around our table when we eat at home. It's fun and the dog enjoys the extra time together. She practically squeaks with excitement when we get anywher near the Pruneyard, she even knows the exit off the freeway. Her head pops up trying to get through the window and she starts panting and squirming. Quite endearing actually. Once we get to our table she sits right down and watches the people.

The very first time I took her to a restaurant she was just a few months old, it was in Santa Cruz and this lady came up to me and said "I wish my kids were as well behaved as your dog".

Shai Shai recommends, you can find restaurants, hotels and sightseeing places that will allow you and your dog to share the experience together.

Jeb did make the most of the political opportunity though. Great photo op. I hope nobody lets him kiss their baby.

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