Saturday, June 03, 2006

Disrespecting The Veterans, Again

Having washed a few dishes in my life it surprises me that something so obvious, wasn't. Veterans aren't there to be experimented on or to receive substandard care. It was bad enough being treated as a piece of property while on active duty, but to be treated by your country as little better than an animal is just shameful.

I was waiting for my blood pressure to go down, but then a reader sent me a link and I couldn't resist.
Vets warned of possible exposure to virus - Yahoo! News:Since April, the VA has alerted patients of potential inadequacies with the biopsy cleaning procedure at 21 medical centers in 18 states, plus Puerto Rico.

So far, about 7,000 vets contacted the VA after receiving the letter and about 2,000 have been tested, Benson said.

"It's too soon to have any information on their test results because each of the potential diseases we might be worried about require not only initial tests but confirmatory tests as well," Benson said. "Right now our first priority is getting information out to every veteran."

Dennis Maki, an infectious disease expert at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, said the prostate examination technique involves inserting a stainless steel scope about the diameter of a pencil into the rectum. Then doctors use a hollow needle to draw a sample from the prostate gland.

The standard sterilizing procedure called for the equipment to be flushed with a disinfecting solution, but officials grew concerned that blood and fecal residue might remain unless the tube were physically scrubbed as well.
What do you mean, grew concerned? How long did that take? Why wasn't it obvious earlier?

So, let's do a llittle roundup of the news for veterans this last two weeks. Some poor guy is going to receive a few letters. One will say, oops we lost your vital data and don't know where it is or what it is being used for, the other will say "remember that test where we were prying around your nether regions? Well, we didn't sterilize them from the last guys butt and you might be at risk for several diseases." Like the test wasn't bad enough for these guys.

Veterans are what make it possible for Washington to continue. They served their country while active and sometimes against their own beliefs, they don't deserve the lack of consideration and human decency that has been continually shown to them. Some of these guys are suffering tremendous pain and trauma incurred by defending this country.

Don't they deserve better? Supporting the troops means afterward also.

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