Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sounds Good To Me

If only it had been Edwards/Kerry instead of Kerry/Edwards.
America in 2026 - New York Times: "'What kind of America do we want — not just today, but 20 years from now? And how do we think we can get there from here?'

It's a speech that's different from the poll-tested, freeze-dried political pap we've come to expect from politicians. For one thing, Mr. Edwards, who's part of the growing pack of Democratic marathoners seeking the party's 2008 nomination, wrote it himself. For another, he unfashionably (and unabashedly) appeals to the better angels of the electorate.

'It's wrong,' he says, 'to have 37 million Americans living in poverty, separated from the opportunities of this country by their income, their housing, their access to education and jobs and health care — just as it was wrong that we once lived in a country legally separated by race.'

In an echo of the can-do spirit that was characteristic of the post-World War II period, Mr. Edwards asserts that with the proper leadership, the United States can 'restore the moral core and legitimacy that has been the foundation of our influence' abroad, while at the same time tackling tough issues here at home: poverty, the need for greater energy independence and a fairer shake for all Americans who have to work for a living, including 'the forgotten middle class.'
He says, at the top of the speech, that 'our military power is fortunately strong, and we must keep it that way.' But he also says, 'I want to live in an America that has not sacrificed individual liberties in the name of freedom; where, in the fight to preserve the country we love, we do not sacrifice the country we love; where we don't make excuses for violating civil rights, though we understand that the test of liberty is in the moments when such excesses almost sound reasonable.'"
Me too. Why, oh why can't more politicians speak up? Our country is being guided down the river Styx by Darth Cheney as Charon, with Bush, Rumsfeld and Rove appearing as Cerebrus. Makes me shudder to think we are on the sixth lap of nine. Please let me wake from this crazy dream (it was playing on the radio).

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