Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Speaking Truth To Schmucks

And exactly what did he say that was incorrect? Absolutely nothing. - Bolton: U.N. official's criticism of U.S. a 'grave mistake' - Jun 7, 2006: "While praising Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and her predecessors, Malloch Brown lamented that the good works of the U.N. are ignored.

'Much of the public discourse that reaches the U.S. heartland has been largely abandoned to its loudest detractors such as Rush Limbaugh and Fox News,' he said.

'The U.N.'s role is in effect a secret in Middle America even as it is highlighted in the Middle East and other parts of the world,' Malloch Brown said.

U.S. officials, including Bolton, said they were especially upset that Malloch Brown, a Briton, mentioned 'Middle America.'

Bolton said Malloch Brown's 'condescending, patronizing tone about the American people' was the worst part about the speech.

'Fundamentally and very sadly, this was a criticism of the American people, not the American government, by an international civil servant,' Bolton said. 'It's just illegitimate.'

He demanded that Annan repudiate the rare public criticism by a U.N. official, and even suggested that the fate of the organization itself might be at stake.

'I spoke to the secretary-general this morning, I said 'I've known you since 1989 and I'm telling you this is the worst mistake by a senior U.N. official that I have seen in that entire time,'' Bolton told reporters on Wednesday."
As opposed to some of the junk that flew out of your...mouth...before you got your recess appointment? For the last 20 years Republicans have done nothing but denigrate the U.N. to middle America, what did you think would be the response? When I was a little girl the U.N. was considered to be something special, a helper to those in the world who didn't have anything. For 25 years they have been portrayed as sycophants unless we needed something. Honestly, you think they wouldn't have noticed?

Just because you aren't American doesn't make you stupid. Being an American who only gets their news from the local Faux station, might.

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