Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Does Anyone Really Think Korea Cares About Our Opinion?

People in the administration need to get a grip. Provocation is when a rocket actually hits something. How come we don't know how many missiles they have? Is it because we continued to treat them as a joke when they are the real danger to the world? While the administration has been destroying our military in a futile exercise that still can't be explained and issuing empty threats while posturing with Iran, Korea has been busily forging its own path. While Bush and cronies ramble on incoherently about "staying the course" in a country that has devolved into civil war with our help, Korea has fired rockets in every direction. While we make fun of Kim Jong Il and his crazy hairstyle and love of Elvis, Bush and Koizumi toured Graceland and played dress up and sang Karaoke.

Sanctions aren't going to work, threats aren't going to work, and we don't have the ability to invade. Now Iran doesn't feel the need to meet with us, I wonder why. I don't really wonder, Iran is not stupid and is going to seize the opportunity to roast us a little while we are busy with something else we can't handle.

Does anybody still believe that America is safer since Bush has been President? Is the world safer? I don't think so.

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