Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Wednesday Food Roundup

The five second rule, is it valid? Yes, someone did a study on it and won and Ig Nobel prize. I always thought it was two seconds.

I love the garlic ice cream cones at the Gilroy Garlic Festival. I would probably like Cold Sweat. Catchy name.

Have you ever wondered about salt and cooking? Judy Rodgers of the Zuni Cafe gives her reasoning for pre-salting and some great recipes. If you would like to experience different salts, this link is for you.

The origins of the Cobb salad. One of my favorites because I like bleu cheese.

Eggplant has become a favorite vegetable recently. I grill them or serve them in a spicy garlic sauce. Very tasty. This recipe sound easy and tasty.

Do you have time to cook on the weekends but are too busy during the week and don't want to go out to dinner all the time. Here are some good ideas around that little issue.

Wolfgang Puck has a cold soup recipe for summer dining. On a really hot day, I love this Moroccan tomato soup. Epicurious has a summer special of cool and no cook recipes.

Too hot to cook outside but you have wonderful air conditioning? These campsite recipes are for you. I've been making the eggs in a blanket for years. It was the only dish my ex-husband knew how to cook and it saves you a step making the toast.

Dessert! It's easy, healthy, tasty and we have been eating them for years. What to do with all those berries. Yum!

Okay, I have to go back to the real world and cook mom some breakfast. Actually we are having brunch. Grilled trout (from Costco), with potatoes and asparagus before she goes to work.

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