Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Food Around The World

I get bored eating the same old thing everyday. I like Vietnamese, Japanese, Indian, Mediterranean, Hawaiian, Italian, German, French, Russian, Thai, Cuban, Mexican, Chinese, British, Argentinean, Korean and Moroccan. It just depends on what I feel like eating. I have never willingly tried an insect but I have had kangaroo and ostrich. I might try some rattlesnake at the Garlic Festival this weekend. We'll see.

My first stop on the recipe search is Vietnamese. I love wraps, they are bright, fresh, crunchy, great-tasting and healthy for you. Plus, I like dipping sauces. Vietnamese food is a wonderful combination of flavors and textures, besides being able to help you lose weight.

Japanese home cooking. It isn't just sushi and tempura.

Nirmala's Kitchen. Beautiful site with recipes, spice blends, etc. from all around the world.

Mad cow. The Accidental Hedonist weighs in with some facts and figures the government would prefer you didn't know.

I eat vegetarian food. If you would like to try some of those wacky foods because you think it might be healthy or you are bored eating the same old thing all the time, here is a site that can find a vegetarian restaurant near you.

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