Thursday, July 27, 2006


It only took 230 years, but America finally has its own King George and he has his overpaid Hessians. Please don't tell me that these guys are responsible for guarding the barracks. I guess you go to war with the military you have and then you outsource everything else.

The Defense Department said last year that at least 60 private security providers were working in Iraq with perhaps as many as 25,000 employees.

The effectiveness of private security contractors has been unclear. Many have been attacked, and some have been accused of recklessly using deadly force against Iraqi civilians.
How many people do we have over there fighting this "war"?

Morale is just great. Things are going swimmingly. Over three years since we invaded a sovereign nation and they have less than they started with and no end in sight. Wunnerful, wunnerful.

The veterans come back and are tossed into the war on little people. The tide is already turning, the first two theories blame the veteran for being unable to assimilate. Unless veterans go to work for one of the unnamed contractors, there aren't too many jobs that require you to dodge bullets and bombs. One of the ways they tried to snow me when I was in, was by telling me that my skills would enable me to find a job when I got out. As if civilians had guidance control missile systems that they needed repaired.

Greenades. Kids these days. No matter how smart adults think they are, kids can still occaisionally teach them something new.

If you eat too many Greenades, this can happen to you. This is the real health risk.

Dumber than a box of rocks. How could he think he wouldn't get caught?

Interesting. I love watermelon and to find out it is healthy as well as cooling is a bonus.

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