Saturday, July 22, 2006

Heat Induced Thoughts

Maybe this the earth's way of making room for all the melting water from the the poles. I doubt it, but it sounded good.

According to this old saying "nobody ever lays on their deathbed and says 'I should have put in more overtime'". No regrets. I learned that playing poker. When you lose, it is a long ride home unless you made peace with yourself before sitting down to play. The trick is to find your level and stick to it.

A reality show that seems to have accomplished something besides ratings. Good luck Britten. Keep up the good work!

Umm, duh! Sometimes it sucks to be right.

A few tips to help you beat the heat. You can also try modifying your diet. In chinese medicine the reason why most of these foods work is because they are bitter, which is considered to be a draining, cooling and clearing flavor. Or they are extremely high in water, mineral and electrolyte content. Either way, they will help to cool you off. You might lose weight and lower your chlesterl while you're at it.

You know that stuff that comes out the back end of a bull when the food has been digested?

Snicker. Good luck with that.

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