Friday, July 21, 2006

Bank of America Sucks The Big Weenie

I had an unauthorized charge to my account, the bank is making me wait for the refund. Bank of America sucks. I spent Wed, Thurs and a good chunk of this afternoon trying to get my money back. No can do until the money is refunded (13 days). They will not help. Bank of America sucks. They will refund all charges after the company (Bof A owned, otherwise known as thieves) refunds me my money, but meanwhile will bounce the check I wrote in good faith and then refund me the charges. Period. Bank of America sucks! Bank of America really sucks, but not as bad as that artificially cheerful music. I didn't understand how you could torture someone with music, until now.

This is destroying my credit and making it virtually impossible to feed myself for the next week. I cannot begin to tell you how angry I am. I spent over an hour in a 105 degree room, my head is pounding and all I can think of is how screwed the situation is and how much the supervisor sounded like an unhelpful robot (Hal, but female).

On the bright side, I'm not in Lebanon. I wonder if they still have to pay their Visa and Mastercard bills? Or did Israel figure that into their "we want to start World War III and make it look like we were justified" costs?

I can't believe I put Israel and money changers in the same post. 106 degrees now. Need water. Hate Bank of America and I hate banks.

Did I mention that Bank of America sucks the big weenie?

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