Monday, July 31, 2006

Monday Musings

One of the reasons I went into healthcare is that one on one contact with the patient. I thought that would be protection against a recession. Medical care has changed in this country and become more like a cattle call than individual service. At least it wasn't outsourced. Until now. What if you don't fly? If they invented the transporter this might actually be feasible.

Isn't this how the Dems screwed up last year and let in Roberts and Scalito? If they spent more time governing instead of worrying about being re-elected, they might get re-elected. All we are asking is that you do your job, just the way society expects us to do ours. His track record sucks and we aren't exactly on the right side of the conflicts in the Middle East.

Can you pass the George Bush quiz? That was fun. Remember to pick the best answer, it can be difficult sometimes inbetween the snickering.

Well, that didn't take too long. Next thing you know, they will investigate who killed Tupac.

I have been telling people this for years. There are two ways to change the ratio of LDL to HDL and the medical community has been focused on only one of them. Sort of like blood pressure, both numbers are important.

I thought I did this one already.

What a dork! Glad he isn't my governor, not that I am all that thrilled with what we have in Caulifornia.

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