Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sunday Geek Links

Shai loves her Frosty Paws. She licks every last drop, so I can imagine that meat ice cream would be popular with most animals on a hot day. It was so hot last week that she let me hose her down every couple of hours and she hates being wet.

Sounds promising, but do I want to know a few years ahead of time with no cure in sight?

Apple watching is ramping up. So which is it? Touchless or phone? Or both? We know something is coming, but what?

Which blog editor do you use? I have a Mac, so some of the recommendations don't work for me. I tried Perfomancing, but for some reason I didn't like it. I will give it another try though.

Umm, duh. Of course peoples response (article restricted) to drugs varies. This is why in chinese medicine we use formulas that can be tailored to the individual. No two people have the same symptoms when they get a cold, one may have a stuffy nose and one may have a sore throat, but they were both infected by the same kid. The gross structures of our bodies are the same, but as with our minds, we process things differently.

I want one.

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