Sunday, July 02, 2006

Out Of Control

And they need to be stopped. They aren't protecting anything, they are just using their power for power's sake. Why would the Palestinians give him back now? Israel isn't going to stop, they want blood. It doesn't matter how much of it they have spilled, they want to spill more. Children and innocents preferably. I used to have sympathy for them, but no more. - New round of Gaza airstrikes launched - Jul 2, 2006: "Israeli missiles targeted two buildings in Gaza early Monday, hours after Israel said it would step up its military operations until a young captured soldier is released.

CNN correspondent John Vause watched as a single missile flew over the roof on which he and his crew were standing in Gaza City; it slammed into a building a few blocks to the north, causing a powerful explosion."
What part of "wander homeless in the desert until they learn a little humility" don't they understand? Ah yes, they are going to make that region of the world even more stable.


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