Sunday, July 02, 2006

Riffraff? At Those Prices?

This isn't Boones Farm or MD 20/20 they are talking about, more like the equivalent of a good Armangac.
Marijuana Fight Envelops Fisherman's Wharf - New York Times: "But what both sides can agree on — in classic San Francisco fashion — is that the problem is really Oakland's fault. In 2004, Oakland, the smaller, less glamorous city across the bay, banned many of its cannabis clubs, driving some to reopen in San Francisco. Other cities in the state have also instituted bans or new restrictions.
Blame it on the city on the wrong side of the tracks, or bay, as the case may be.

NIMBY permeates all endeavors.
Mr. Martin concurred. 'Both the merchants and the residents — though philosophically we don't have a problem with medicinal marijuana being available, we all voted for it — we think customers are going to be better served in another location,' he said. 'We just think it's the wrong time, wrong place.'

Mr. Reed has assured city leaders and Mr. Martin that he would be a good neighbor, and he hopes to open in August if his permit is approved.

For their part, tourists seemed unaware, and largely unbothered, that they might soon be wandering past a cannabis club. 'I think it's a pretty eclectic neighborhood anyway,' said Tony Accardo, 54, a financial analyst from Dallas. 'My only concern would be if it attracted clientele that might affect the neighborhood. You know, riffraff.'"
Gotta be careful of that riffraff. They might want to buy all the Twinkies at the local mart and then where would you be?

There is absolutely nothing else to be worried about in the world? We have a country being run into the ground by a guy who "decides" with input from voices nobody else hears, with a megolamaniac as his backup and we get stories about pot?

If World War III starts, will they tell us? Will they know?

I need that address, the stress is killing me.

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