Thursday, July 13, 2006

Reality Avooidance

The news has been so depressing lately. As usual the news organizations can only concentrate on a few stories at a time. I can't decide if it is a deliberate plan to keep the public uninformed or if it is the response to a public that suffers from a short attention span. Whatever the reason, I know my point of view on the Israeli situation is not going to be popular since it isn't the same Stepford response. If they feel that threatened they should move to the Antarctic and make plans to explore space. Much better use of resources.

So, did you hear the one about the new justification for early adopters? Leave them alone and let them buy their toys. If it wasn't for them, the products would never be cheap enough for me to buy.

I like beer on a hot summer day and a good hefeweizen with a sqeeze of lemon can be very refreshing. Flying Dog In Heat, what a name.

I was just talking about this yesterday. I don't suffer from guilt, I think it's wonderful that I don't get penalized. When I first started with Netflix I had a few movies that I never watched, one of which I kept for almost eight months before sending it back. I'm on the five a month plan, which covers the five nights in a row that mom is off work and one night for me. At six videos a week I feel like I am getting my money's worth. Weeds should be arriving this afternoon.

Mom does not do well in the heat and now there is proof. I tried to explain this to her doctor (arrogant doesn't begin to describe his attitude) on Monday, he acted like I had a screw loose. I spend an awful lot of time around my mom, when it gets warm, she gets loopy. Last Saturday she acted like she had a TIA, but after I got her cooled off she was better. Small vessels in the brain as well as the heart, so I'm pretty sure if they tracked strokes they would also find a correlation to heat.

I'm listening to "I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker" by Sandi Thom from her album; Smile, It Confuses People. She started with a webcast from her basement and built up a following that way. Good voice and a catchy tune with pretty good lyrics.

Tim, I hope you have a functioning liver when you get back. What kind of champagne?

So true. Real simple it isn't. Why do people have to have so much input on simple decisions? Thinking for oneself is something that should be encouraged, even if it means not following the "in-crowd".

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